In 2014, the buildings on the corner of Virginia and 2nd street were put on the docket to be torn down and in 48 short hours more than 100 people rallied around to save this iconic building by raising $50,000. PRO-Roswell was born out of that endeavor and seeks to strengthen and grow the Roswell Railroad Arts and Cultural District. In 2016, Madux Hobbs purchased the buildings with a vision to create a space for the community to host their favorite events. Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 that vision will be realized with a celebration honoring all those who have worked hard to bring the space from the wrecking ball to giving these buildings the new life it will have as the Hi-Q Venue.

We are also working on a historical book of the buildings and would love any stories or photos you might have. We want to capture the incredible journey this place has gone through to preserve the history for generations to come. If you have any photos or stories, we would enjoy collecting them for what will hopefully be a book all about this corner lot.

Please join us for a fun night to celebrate all that has been accomplished by our great community.

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